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Bath Drama's 2020 Spring Show is the classic Restoration Comedy, 'School for Scandal'. Written by Richard Brinsley Sheridan and first performed in 1777, it is a smart, witty play about the pleasures and perils of scandal in high society!

A script full of unique characters, slander, gossip, and damaged reputation, School for Scandal is a play bursting with brilliantly contrived comic scenes. At times the humour is intertwined with moments of real pain and happiness, adding a sharp pang of reality, before returning to the splendid artificial world of heightened wit and heightened folly.

Auditions will be held on 20th and 23rd October 2019 from 7.30pm - 10pm at the Bath Rec Pavilion (the green hut through the turnstiles off William Street BA24DE).

The auditions will consist of cold-reading scenes. There is no need to prepare anything.

If you are interested in auditioning, email director James Dennis: james.dennis192@gmail.com

Production week will be the last week of April (19th - 26th April inclusive). Rehearsals will be twice a week starting in the New Year, the schedule will be finalised depending on cast availability.


Sir Benjamin Backbite: Male. 20's/30's. A young gentleman looking to court Maria. He is a poet, and often slanders and mocks people in his writing.

Charles Surface. Male. 20's/30's. The younger Surface brother. In huge debt and known for his extravagance. Warm hearted and unpretentious, in love with Maria.

Crabtree: Male. 50's+. Benjamin Backbite's uncle. He regularly spreads false stories and relishes gossip. He aims to help his nephew woo Maria.

Mrs. Candour: Female. 60's+. A lady who protests against gossip and slander, and yet actively engages in it while in company. Also speaks the prologue.

Joseph Surface: Male. 30's/40's. The elder Surface brother, selfish and a liar, but the favourite son. Conspiring with Lady Sneerwell to prevent the marriage of his brother, Charles, and Maria.

Maria: Female. late teens/20's. The innocent ward of Sir Peter Teazle. Courted by Benjamin Backbite and both Charles and Joseph Surface. Moral and sensitive, finding the gossip of society appalling

Moses: Male. Could be any age - typically older, similar age to Sir Oliver. A money lender bought in as part of a prank by Sir Oliver. Might also be open to this part being 'played' by one of the servants

Oliver Surface: Male. 60's+. The wealthy uncle of Charles and Joseph Surface. Returns after 16 years to pick an heir, assuming two false identities to judge who has the best honour and true character.

Sir Peter Teazle: Male. 60's+ - recently married to the noticeably younger lady Teazle. He is headstrong and inflexible, opposing to the match between his ward Maria and Sir Charles

Rowley: Traditionally Male but could be Female. 50s+. The former steward of the Surface's brother's father. A reasonable man, he acts as a trusted go-between for the Surface and Teazle families.

Snake: Traditionally male but could be female. Of a similar age to Lady Sneerwell. A companion of Lady S, she has been privy to a number of her plans of slander and scandal. Is pivotal in the finale

Lady Sneerwell: Female. Late 30's/40's. A sharp tongued schemer and gossiper. The centre of her social circle, she regularly ruins reputations with her scandals. In love with Charles

Lady Teazle: Female. 20's/30's. The young wife of Sir Peter Teazle. She has come from the countryside but quickly adapted to the city, become a high-society gossip and very material. Speaks the epilogue

Trip: Traditionally male, but could be female. Any age, but must be seen as a confident to Sir Charles. Sir Charles' manservant. Thinks himself grander than he is

Gentlemen & servants: mainly background action, with a few lines, but will be used in most scenes.