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Bath Drama Events

Forthcoming events:

March Play Reading:

'The Watched Pot'

by Saki (H.H. Munro) and Charles Maude

Mon 20th March

7:15pm arrival, to start at 7:30pm

The Pavillion at Bath Rec (see details below)

If you would like to read a part, please email to book a slot. 

If you'd just like to listen, that's fine too!

Watched Pot.png

Best known for his inventive, witty and often macabre short stories satirising Edwardian society, Hector Hugh Munro - Saki - also wrote four largely forgotten plays, of which the only full-length example is The Watched Pot, a collaboration with his friend Charles Maude, which was only completed after Saki’s death in the trenches of the First World War (his last words are said to have been “Put that bloody cigarette out!”, just before a German sniper’s bullet found him).


The Watched Pot is a classic three-act comedy, set over the course of a weekend at an Edwardian country house, Briony Manor. Hortensia Bavvel, the mistress of Briony, rules over her domain with a rod of iron; however were her son, Trevor, to marry, he would take control of the estate - making many people’s lives much happier and less interfered-with. The focus that weekend, then, is to find Trevor a wife, but is there a suitable candidate among the house guests, and is Trevor even interested in matrimony? All and more will be revealed…

Rehearsal and Play Readings LOCATION:

Bath Rec Pavilion

This is the green wooden building, just off William Street / Pultney Mews.

Please note - you cannot park at the Rec itself, and we kindly ask that you park in the streets surrounding. Thanks!

poster a3 2.jpg

William Shakespeare

Directed by Lauren Davis & Phoebe Fung


Weds 26th - Sat 29th April

Rome must rise! 

In a near-future dystopian society where corporate interests hold political power above all, conspiracy runs rampant as those closest to Caesar plot against him. As factions rise and propaganda floods the streets, can Rome pull back from the brink of chaos or will all out war set in motion the end of order? 

Bath Drama's Julius Caesar tells the age-old Shakespearean saga of power struggles between elites at untold cost. Played in the original language with innovative modern staging, this production examines the cycles of political control and how good intentions can spiral into unforeseen consequences.


Recent events:

Bath Drama presents: Beauty & The Beast

The Rondo Theatre


Christmas Social:

Play reading: Dublin Carol by Conor McPherson


Oct play reading: The Real Inspector Hound

by Tom Stoppard

and Bath Drama AGM

download minutes


Summer Social:

Theatre Workshop with Naturals Theatre Company


Bath Drama presents: Touched by Stephen Lowe

The Rondo Theatre


March play reading: Albion by Mark Bartlett


Feb play reading: The Penelopiad by Margaret Atwood


Bath Drama presents: Robin Hood & the Babes in the Wood

A pantomime by Gill Morrell

The Rondo Theatre


December's play reading: Season's Greetings


November's play reading: Our Country's Good


Bath Drama AGM 2021

download minutes


Bath Drama presents: Time Flies

An evening of David Ives' comedy one-acts.

The Rondo Theatre

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