What's new with Bath Drama...


Bath Drama presents 'Time Flies - an evening of comedy one acts' taking place from June 23 - 26 at the Rondo Theatre.


Due to restrictions each performance is now selling at limited capacity, Tickets are NOT available for purchase on the day!


Your health is paramount and there will be measures in place to ensure social distancing is adhered, so don't miss out on this brilliant show!


Tickets on sale now: 


The first of our 6 one act plays is 'Time Flies' - a timeless romcom following our two protagonists as they explore life, and life's challenges, all whilst fighting some rather... irresistible urges!

Our 4th play is 'Enigma Variations'. Mrs Doppelgängler believes that there is a 2nd version of everything in existence. Dr. Bill is on hand however, to assure her that it's ok, she is not alone!


Our second short play is 'English Made Simple'. A theatrical Ted Talk exploring social interactions, using the backdrop of a house party to set the scene.
What could possibly go wrong??!


Our penultimate play is 'Sure Thing'. Bill is just your average guy, visiting your average coffee shop on an average day... that is until his world is turned upside down when he sees Betty!

#Captive Audience_edited.jpg

The 3rd of our 6 plays is 'Captive Audience'. Rob & Laura are flat mates and close friends, but Rob also loves watching TV.
Is there more to this than meets the eye?!! Stay tuned.....


Our final play is 'Soap Opera'. Manny, a washing machine repairman, is having some serious relationship issues. What unfolds is a deep-dive into Manny's life and just how he found himself here...

Our Charity Partner:


This year, Bath Drama is partnering with the homeless charity, Julian House. 

Following on from the success of our Christmas appeal, we are going to proud to continue our partnership with this fantastic charity throughout 2021! Julian House work tirelessly to support vulnerable and at-risk individuals, and with the events of 2020, their work is more important and valuable than ever.

To find out more about all of the great work that Julian House does, visit www.julianhouse.org.uk/

It is with great pride that Bath Drama is continuing to support this fantastic charity, and all of your continued support is crucial! We have an open JustGiving page that will continue throughout the year, and we will remind and invite you to make donations as and when you take part in Bath Drama events.

Thank you on behalf of Bath Drama & Julian House for all of your support in these challenging times!