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Next Bath Drama production:


The Alchemist
by Ben Jonson

Directed by Scarlett Hayler-King

Weds 4th - Sat 7th Oct 

The sickness hot, a master quit, for fear,

His house in town, and left one servant there;

Ease him corrupted, and gave means to know

A Cheater, and his punk; who now brought low,


Leaving their narrow practice, were become

Cozeners at large; and only wanting some

House to set up, with him they here contract,

Each for a share, and all begin to act.


Much company they draw, and much abuse,

In casting figures, telling fortunes, news, Selling of flies, flat bawdry with the stone,

Till it, and they, and all in fume are gone.


In 1890s London, three con artists intend to cheat the wealthy and greedy with a con involving alchemy and the Philosopher's Stone. As their schemes and mockery of their marks become more absurd, will their deceit get found out, or will they manage to conjure the elusive Philosopher's Stone?


*This production has now been cast and rehearsals will be starting imminently. Thank you to all who came to audition!*



Most recent Production:

poster a3 2.jpg

Julius Caesar
William Shakespeare

Directed by Lauren Davis & Phoebe Fung

Weds 26th - Sat 29th April 

Thank you to all who came to see our most recent production, and congrats to all cast and crew for putting on a super show.

Rome must rise! 

In a near-future dystopian society where corporate interests hold political power above all, conspiracy runs rampant as those closest to Caesar plot against him. As factions rise and propaganda floods the streets, can Rome pull back from the brink of chaos or will all out war set in motion the end of order? 

Bath Drama's Julius Caesar tells the age-old Shakespearean saga of power struggles between elites at untold cost. Played in the original language with innovative modern staging, this production examines the cycles of political control and how good intentions can spiral into unforeseen consequences.

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