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Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood
A new pantomime by Gill Morrell
12th - 16th January 2022, at the Rondo Theatre

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The villainous and greedy Sheriff of Nottingham is already guardian to the rich and beautiful Maid Marian, when he hears of the Babes, a brother and sister who are orphans with plenty of cash. Even though Nottingham is in the grip of a plague, he sends his evil but incompetent henchmen / women (Vi and Russ) to bring them, by force if necessary, to Nottingham Castle.

Meanwhile, Robin Hood and his Merry Men are having a tough time in lockdown, everyone getting cross and frustrated, especially Scarlett (Will Scarlett or Won't She?) who has been wooed by Robin for ages but can't decide to marry him. There are also the Big and Little Johns, Much the Miller's daughter, and the tone deaf minstrel, Alan a'Dale.

Maid Marian escapes from Nottingham and finds the Merry Men, who promptly fall for her and forgets Will Scarlett... and so does Robin.

Meanwhile, the Babes have left their home in Bath to travel to Nottingham,, escorted by their Nurse, the Dame, who's convinced the Sheriff is their best friend.

Full of jokes about lockdown, fights, love scenes, songs, and a brand-new vaccination invented on stage, with all the expected ingredients of pantomime and a few new ones, this is Gill's fifth pantomime and offers a great experience once again!


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