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Next Bath Drama event:

Bath Drama 2021 AGM

Monday 18th October @ 19.30

The Rec Pavilion, the green building

behind the Rec sports ground.

The Bath Drama committee invites you all to attend our 2021 AGM, reviewing the past 12 months and looking ahead to the next 12! We're very excited to be able to host this year's in person once again, as the world continues to attempt to find a new sense of normal.

It will be a relaxed evening, where we can also answer your questions and ask for your input in shaping Bath Drama, and as always there will be refreshments and snacks. 

We will also be collecting our annual membership fees of £10 per person for Oct-Sep '22, or you are welcome to make a payment before. Should you not be able to attend, or wish to pay via bank transfer, please email Bath Drama treasurer, David Morrell.


* Welcome

* Record attendees and apologies 

* Approve mins from last year

* Chairperson’s report

* Treasurer’s report

* Election / re-election of committee positions, and election of any new members

* Future plans for Bath Drama, where those leading the projects will talk a little on each

* £10 membership

* Open floor to Q's


See you on Monday 18th, finally back in our old home, The Rec Pavilion!

Download 2020 Bath Drama AGM minutes



Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood
A new pantomime by Gill Morrell
13th - 16th January at the Rondo Theatre

The villainous and greedy Sheriff of Nottingham is already guardian to the rich and beautiful
Maid Marian, when he hears of the Babes, a brother and sister who are orphans with plenty
of cash. Even though Nottingham is in the grip of a plague, he sends his evil but incompetent
henchmen / women (Vi and Russ) to bring them, by force if necessary, to Nottingham Castle.

Meanwhile, Robin Hood and his Merry Men are having a tough time in lockdown, everyone
getting cross and frustrated, especially Scarlett (Will Scarlett or Won't She?) who has been
wooed by Robin for ages but can't decide to marry him. There are also the Big and Little
Johns, Much the Miller's daughter, and the tone deaf minstrel, Alan a'Dale.

Maid Marian escapes from Nottingham and finds the Merry Men, who promptly fall for her
and forgets Will Scarlett... and so does Robin.

Meanwhile, the Babes have left their home in Bath to travel to Nottingham,, escorted by their
Nurse, the Dame, who's convinced the Sheriff is their best friend.

Full of jokes about lockdown, fights, love scenes, songs, and a brand-new vaccination
invented on stage, with all the expected ingredients of pantomime and a few new ones, this is
Gill's fifth pantomime and offers a great experience once again!


Most recent Production:

The first of our 6 one act plays is 'Time Flies' - a timeless romcom following our two protagonists as they explore life, and life's challenges, all whilst fighting some rather... irresistible urges!

Our 4th play is 'Enigma Variations'. Mrs Doppelgängler believes that there is a 2nd version of everything in existence. Dr. Bill is on hand however, to assure her that it's ok, she is not alone!


Our second short play is 'English Made Simple'. A theatrical Ted Talk exploring social interactions, using the backdrop of a house party to set the scene.
What could possibly go wrong??!


Our penultimate play is 'Sure Thing'. Bill is just your average guy, visiting your average coffee shop on an average day... that is until his world is turned upside down when he sees Betty!

#Captive Audience_edited.jpg

The 3rd of our 6 plays is 'Captive Audience'. Rob & Laura are flat mates and close friends, but Rob also loves watching TV.
Is there more to this than meets the eye?!! Stay tuned.....


Our final play is 'Soap Opera'. Manny, a washing machine repairman, is having some serious relationship issues. What unfolds is a deep-dive into Manny's life and just how he found himself here...