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***Please note this is an unpaid community theatre production***

We will be holding auditions for our January 2025 Pantomime: Cinderella


Sunday, 14 July 2024 at 2:30 pm & 
Monday, 15th July 2024 at 7 pm.


Venue: Bath Rec Pavilion - this is the green wooden building, just off William Street/Pulteney Mews.

what3words link:


You will not be able to park at the Rec without a permit. Please allow time to park as on-street parking is often limited.


Show Week: 

Sunday 12 January - Sunday 19 January 2025 at The Rondo Theatre

Rehearsals will take place on Thursday evenings and & Sunday afternoons/evenings.


 Please note *- Denotes a strong singer/soloist. Please prepare a short vocal in acapella that showcases your ability if auditioning for one of these roles.


Please wear comfortable clothing that you can freely move around in as there will be a movement workshop for the audition.


Please complete our Audition Registration Form at to confirm your spot.

Contact Lauren, the director at if you have any questions.


The Cast:

*Cinderella (20+): She is beautiful, caring, and best friends with Buttons. She is treated terribly by her Stepmother and Sisters.


*Prince Charming (20+): He is handsome, warm and sweet, Dandini is his best friend.


*Dandini (20+): A little rough around the edges and an outrageous flirt. He is also best mates with Charming and is his newly appointed manservant.


*Buttons (20+): He is happy-go-lucky, kindhearted and has jokes to spare! He is also madly in love with Cinderella.


*Kimberly (Ugly Sister-30+): She is gorgeous, fabulous and an absolute knockout! (in her mind), She is the daughter of Baroness Kristine Karcrashian.


*Kourtney (Ugly Sister-30+): She is beautiful, stunning and far more attractive than her twin sister (in her mind.) She is the other ‘delightful’ daughter of Baroness Kristine Karcrashian.


*Kristine Karcrashian(40+): She is beautiful and glamorous. Mother to Kim & Kourt & Stepmother to Cinderella, whom she detests.


*Fairy Godmother(30+): The narrator. She is a fabulous fairy with a big heart and is always there whenever and whoever needs a helping hand.


*Nigel (Royal Butler-40+): The newly appointed royal butler and he also has to train Dandini. He is assertive, yet a bit of a dark horse.


Ensemble: No show is complete without its energetic powerhouse ensemble. The ensemble will be playing a range of funny, versatile and eccentric characters as well as singing and dancing in several scenes. We are also looking for two extra ensemble roles who will also double as stagehands.

Ensemble roles (20+):

Anita Bath/ Duchess Diddly Squat/Fairy

Betty Humper/ Lady Brighton Early/Fairy

Carrie Okey/ Lady Polly Ester/Fairy

Doris Schutt/ Lady Emma Roids/Fairy

Estelle Hertz/ Princess Flow Peacock/Fairy

Chris P. Bacon/ Lord Al Dente/ Ghost

Jim Shorts/ Lord Matt Tress/ Ghost

2 x Villager/Ball Room Guest/Stagehand

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