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Take to the stage with Bath Drama!


We are delighted to announce that our Autumn production is 

'The Alchemist'

by Ben Jonson

Director - Scarlett Hayler-King

4th-7th Oct 23 - Rondo Theatre



Sun 21st May

Mon 22nd May

Sun 28th May

To book your slot and for more information, please email

Poster Artwork - Jim McCauley

The sickness hot, a master quit, for fear,

His house in town, and left one servant there;

Ease him corrupted, and gave means to know

A Cheater, and his punk; who now brought low,


Leaving their narrow practice, were become

Cozeners at large; and only wanting some

House to set up, with him they here contract,

Each for a share, and all begin to act.


Much company they draw, and much abuse,

In casting figures, telling fortunes, news, Selling of flies, flat bawdry with the stone,

Till it, and they, and all in fume are gone.




In 1890s London, three con artists intend to cheat the wealthy and greedy with a con involving alchemy and the Philosopher's Stone. As their schemes and mockery of their marks become more absurd, will their deceit get found out, or will they manage to conjure the elusive Philosopher's Stone? 


SUBTLE, the Alchemist, a clever rogue.

FACE, the Housekeeper, a conniving schemer.

DOL COMMON, their Colleague, a talented wit.

DAPPER, a Lawyer's Clerk, easily fooled.

DRUGGER, a Pharmacist and Tobacco Seller, a true believer.

LOVEWIT, Master of the House, pleasantly amused.

SIR EPICURE MAMMON, a Knight, a lustful hypocrite.

PERTINAX SURLY, a Gamester - a professional gambler, a sceptic.

TRIBULATION WHOLESOME, a Pastor of Amsterdam, Ananias’ minder.

ANANIAS, a Deacon there, overly zealous.

KASTRIL, the angry Boy, an eager quarreler.

DAME PLIANT, his Sister, a Widow, a dull innocent.

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