Take to the stage with Bath Drama!


Bath Drama's 2023 Pantomime:

Beauty & The Beast

Audition dates:

Sunday 4th September 2022 (14.30 - 17.30) & Monday 5th September 2022 (19.30 - 21.30)

Show week:

Sunday 8th January - Sunday 15th January 2023

Rehearsals will take place one weekday evening & Sunday evenings.

Not so long ago in a kingdom not so far away, there lived a handsome and wealthy Prince. This Prince loved parties, and all things lavish, surrounded by the rich & powerful. One night during a terrible storm, a beggar arrived looking for shelter. The Prince repulsed by her appearance ordered her to leave - ignoring her warnings not to judge by appearance, the Prince banished her, and paid a hefty price... 


"The spell can only be broken when you learn to love and be loved in return"

Parts available:

* - Denotes a strong singer/soloist. Please prepare a short vocal in acapella that shows us your vocal range, if auditioning for one of these roles.

*Beauty (f) 20-30: An intelligent, kind and adventurous spirit who longs to experience all that life has to offer.

*Prince/Beast (m) 30+ : A Prince transformed into a beast with a tortured soul, but can his heart and his true self be uncovered?

*Count Danton (m/f) 30+ : A lot of muscle and a lot of ego. The townspeople may be in love with him, but can the same be said for everyone?

*Bob (m/f) 20-30: Danton's servant/sidekick. Not the brightest, but a funny character who is loyal.

*Madame Bidet (m) 40+ & *Jacques (m/f) 30+ : The dame, a housekeeper, and her son. Our comic duo who spend more time talking to the audience than keeping the castle running.

Alphonse (m) 40+ : Beauty's sweet, eccentric, inventor and father.

The Baroness (f) 40+ : Mother to Count Danton - a practical down to earth realist.

Enchantress (f) 30+ : The magical moral compass of the show.

Narrator: Possible voiceover (m/f) 20+

The Female Ensemble: Annette, Babette, Cosette, Georgette, Lynette, Nannette, Odette, Yvette (f) 18-30 & Broomhelga (m) 20-30. The ladies of the town who swoon over Danton.

The Villagers: Male/female & Ghost (m/f) *10+

*We will hold a special audition for all children under 16 who are wanting to be in the production once the adult cast is confirmed, in order to ensure the children can meet their fellow castmates. 

Please wear comfortable clothing in order to be able to move freely during your audition.

To attend the audition please register for your spot, by completing the below 'Audition form'.

If you have any questions, please contact Lauren Arena-McCann, director, at bandtheb.bd@gmail.com


How I Learned to Drive - this production has now been cast

A huge thank you to all who came to audition for our autumn show, and for doing such a great job with the worskshops and speeches. This show has now been cast. Casting announcement soon. 


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